July 31, 2009


today got 1 class only
9 am-10 am.but the class ended at 9.50am
veryyy gud.
but for his class,the dress code was FORMAL.
so,berbaloikan aku menyiapkan diri dr pkol 7.30 utk ke kelas yg hanya 1 jam?
sangat bagus Eusoff Aqeuddin!

July 30, 2009

dedication to her

today is a sad day for her.
others wouldn't knew it.
but i can see it deeply.
she seems to be so sad after the class.
there's no more beauty on ur face.

asking me to play sad songs.
dont cry girl,be strong.

i'll try my best to cheer u up as we already promises to be 3 of us.
for sure, u'll never be alone.

beb,dont be sad,
love need time,sacrifice,support,space,strength.
we r here to cheer u up.
no worries.i knoe u can get someone better after this.
kami syg kamu!!


its been a week not updating my blog.
i just keep on facebook n facebook n facebook.
catch me there!

i dont know what to write.
for sure,very lazy.

July 18, 2009

july 18,2009 - saturday

a day that full of activities, although spending the day at my new room.
study pon dah study, from morning till 4 pm, just to make my dendrites active n stick in my mind forever.
at 6 pm,enjoyin my new hobbies!
jogging n gym!
very very exhausted.it's been too lang not exercise myself.
at 9.30 pm : pasar malam mood
just finished eating char koey teow, kebab ape tah,apam balek, n so much more.
makan ramai-ramai.
my big stomach pon dh full sgt2.
currently mood : online!!!!!
no words can describe what i feel right now.
tomorrow (saturday,July 18, 2009)
study,study n study.
tersangat semangat utk stdy esok.
please do not disturb me!wahhh..

those subject are :
1. business statistic
2. law
3. marketing
4. managerial accounting

July 16, 2009


keep on waiting n waiting n waiting.
life is full of shit.

July 15, 2009


one of the junior at my cllge rest in peace recently.
he slipped himself at the balcony of the room(4t floor).
pity him.but,what to do,just Al-fatihah lar.
my cllge were different now.
no more people shouting to each other.
surau always full.
no more techno songs.hmm..SILENT!

mood : sad.

July 12, 2009

everything's new

hye all.
blogging again n again n again.
almost the same things to do everyday.sometime,its getting bored.
but for today, something different happened!
NEW inspirations,toughts,feel,desire,style n etc..
i dont know y!!
something like pass through my ears,
like someone telling me that i should changed.
but why?bcoz of someone?not really.
i dont even fall in love with someone elsa and NEVER! i dont meet new friends.
i'm now simple.vry simple.but still the same Eusoff Aqeuddin.
no worries.
I AM WHAT I AM.(stick to this)

July 11, 2009

PM's 100th day!

located at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre(KLCC),
its a"100 hari NAJIB BERSAMA RAKYAT"
it was really meaningful to all
malay,chinese,indian,iban(many other races) will benefit all that
11 things that he announced.
i'll update it later once i finished coying all the photos to the pc.

catch me on BERNAMA!
im beside of Datuk Sri Shahrizat Jalil when she was interviewed!

next update coming soon!

July 10, 2009

xde mood

lately,tersangat xde mood nak update blog.
sorry to all my followers.
i dont know y.
but,for sure i'll try my best to update this.
miss this blog hard.
sorry to say,fakoff to all strangers who chat at my blog!

i'll text my blog later.hopefully.