February 16, 2009


Dear Eusoff Aqeuddin,

here are the activities/work to be done in this week!!!!

1) exercise on business math, test on wednesday!!

2) updates macroeconomics notes

3) badminton match (10 p.m)

4) accounts assignments

5) latihan badminton

6) study macroeconomis,test on thursday!!

7) renew library books..due on 17/02/2009

8) badminton tournament on saturday

9) pegy post office, delivery!(assignment)

10) meetings persatuan SMART

11) kunci hilang!!nak kena buat baru!!

12) baju x hantar lg kat dobi!!~

can i make it??hopefully i can.
no matter wats gonna happens, i'll make sure that, its going to be completed a.s.a.p!!!!
my promisezxzx!!

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