October 14, 2009

a very lazy update

  • everyday, very very busy, too many test and assignments.
  • preparation for the final exam??yes, im going to start it now!!!!!
  • final exam start on 26th Oct. end on 12 Nov. (my classmate birthday of i'm not mistaken)
  • im so so so sleepy(almost all days in this week), i dont even know y.
  • lately, always sleep around 12-1am, very early!, maybe minggu ni adlh minggu tidur i guess.
  • need to handle Annual General Meeting for next sem, and i dont even start it even an alphabet. wahhhh, ape aku tulis ni!!
  • already set the date to go back home. ticket already booked.
  • i wont back home during study week, i need to focus on my final.
  • CGPA for this sem???(depends on u Dr./Mr./Mrs lecturer). do they read my blog? maybe ada! :p
  • really worried about the coming LCCI test. im not that good. oh my gosh.
  • i do happy on my birthday although only video call with my parents. 2nd celebration during the semester break yoohhh.
  • am i going to my aunts open houz this sat.? hmm. not decide yet. hopefully pegi la.
  • im really worried for this 2 last assignment, cik abg-cik ab sekalian, sila pantaskan jari jemari anda menaip assignment ya! beta nak fokus final la time study week. kusut2!
  • my currently mood, unpredictable, sometimes curious to study, sometimes bored like im not studying.
  • lenguh kaki, jamm last morning, 1 h 40 min in bus!wtf.
  • i dont know what else to write here, seriously im gonna face all those coming shitty days.
  • FINAL aku nk pulun habes2. korang nk kata aku nerd, budak skema, kedekut jwpn, penting diri sebab x kluar bilik or whatever fucking answer yg korang fikir, hmmm, ADA AKU KESAHHH?????? yg penting aku DEANLIST sem ni(berangan la aku ni)
ok, im gonna stop all those ******* probs. i should findsome way to make my day superb!

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