February 27, 2010


Hello malaysia!
im back again although im so not in the mood to be here,
im supposed to be in the blanket!
but, before i sleep, i want u to know this

at 8pm, received text from my forever friend.
jum kluar mkn mlm ni.
sounds good as im already bored with the foods around the "villa"
we went to setiawangsa area,
easy-near-less time!

coincidence, hezwan qahar n some of his friends was here.
lame giler dop jumpe mung jontt !
2 thn lbh kot. roughly.
met them up,mkn2,
saw accident!

once im gong back n arrived, i got this!
OH MY SUBWAY (nada fazura_pisau cukur)
i've been craving this lame dahh
kebusy-an which makes me forget this!

subway sudah.
banana split belom.

the assignmentsss is killing me.
off now to do assignmentsss on the bed.
for sure, i'll fall asleep.
trust me.

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