December 13, 2009

welcome back!

back to school?? oh, not actually
im back to UTM
no new inspirations for this newly part 4 of DDW!
but i got chubbier for this new 4th semester.

great rite!
i do non-stop eating during the break
no wonder la i'm always hungry since the first hour sitting in my room in UTM
i'm here in KL, specifically in UTMKL, but... my soul is fooling around somewhere in Terengganu.
i should already prepared with the upcoming classes.
ding dong ding dong
stay calm.

my dendrites still on vacation.


fara adila said...

erm..u said nothin interesting to do..but at utmkl your soul is fooling around somewhere in Terengganu??

Anonymous said...

4th semester? its about time to get serious, buddy . but then fooling around a little wont do any massive harm.. :)

-azimah ikhsan- said...

owh2..its terrible when ur soul is still in tganu..have to do smthng or u cant focus at all meyh.. =)

eusoffaqeuddin said...

larasephia : thanx lara..

azimah : seriously cant focus at all. tp sekarang dh ok! segalanya kembali lancar seperti biasa! yeah. hahahaha. keep on blogging babes.