August 6, 2009

all is one

yesterday got no class.bored.
nisfu saaban rite yesterday?hmm.i went to the surao,but nothing special la.just solat as usual.i tot ade gak bacaan yaasin rite.hmm.
and supposed to be. .today(thursday) gt marketing test.but at 5.44 a.m. i received a message from the lecturer that today class(test) cancelled n will be replace later.
it was subuh! i was like rocking on the bed.bapak r,happy gilerk.but for sure,it wont happened.gagaga.
faster.faster.message to all coursemate!

u knoe what i'm thinking now??

1. bila nk jumpe eusoff aizuddin lg?

3. i need some little green trees in my room
4. movee!
5. 3's (Q,Nerd,Sizuka)
6. klcc awaits me
7. gardens.i need greenery!i dont know y.lately, selalu cintakan kehijauan
8. i want that ESPRIT girl.(only sizuka knows)
9. beb,bila nk hang out?mu seme ong op.doh la bley cuty 1 week.x aci nguh.

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