August 20, 2009

gila kan??

bertemu kembali (mcm baca buletin utama plak)

im already done with II( Institusi-institusi Islam) test.
i tought the test was 2 hours. 5 pm to 7 pm
but it was only 50 minutes.
all day all night spending time with those facts.
Very excited coz I answered it well.
hopefully gt high marks from ustaz!
get out from the hall n straight to the food court.

nasi pattaya told by fajrina was fooling around my mind during the test.
n my handwriting was like nasi pattaya too.
then,go back to hostel coz driver dh tunggu kat campus
jalan jammed pulak.naseb baek driver lalu shortcut.
n now, need to settle the computerised accounting assignment.
it makes my eyes very3 bulat, like donat.

its already 1:36 am,
just finished creating lots of accounts transaction for a company
really make me gone crazy
from 9.30pm to 1.36 am
dis is wat accounting life!
really2 need focus.

p/s : p.ramlee _ dendang perantau n other raya songs keep on waving in my room.
p/s/s : my phone dh mula buat yang aku malas nk guna Nokia neh.
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aizul said...

ahahhahaha wah!!! ada segmen by benjoy laa!!