January 11, 2010

11 JANUARY 2010


nice date, but yes, im not feeling well today. again, sigh!

after finished my first class on Monday, i quickly went to the UTM Clinic.

ohh the flu n selsema, the cough n batuk, sakit belakang, not enough sleep n etc.

i dont want any Medical Certficate coz i wont miss my fabulous classes today!

u knoe y, coz im already dress up well for "SMARTday today!"

those the killers.!#$%^&


"secret admirer? peminat? seriously? i cant believe this, mane u tahu semua ni?"

itulah kata-kata yg aku sangat tidak percaya! aku kurang kepastian dalam hal ini.

to be continued . . . . .

doakan sy cepat sembuh ya kalian semua!

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