January 26, 2010


i've been really busy for this January 2010.

i cant sit calmly during weekends...

there must be something to do, to go out n etc.

for sure, almost every weekends was like my "HARI BERSAMA RAKYAT"

going here n there.

and i juz got a message just know to go out this weekend. again.

i got no time to update blog, delete 1000+ messages on my phone.

and i didnt update my facebook! last week for almost 5 days+++.

once i take a nap n awake, there must be at least 1 message to be replied.

im so exhausted but sometimes busy is good.

at least i can forgt those unnecessary things.

accountancy is not that easy, poeple who said accountancy is easy is the person who didnt take accountancy! you can say watever u want, until once u take accountancy, then u knew it.